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Residential Design makes up the largest portion of SFLA projects, but Homeowner Associations, Commercial, Multi-Use Projects and Houses of Worship provide us with special opportunities to develop people’s relationships with the great outdoors. Strategic, professional landscape design provides the impact of beauty and usefulness you want for the community you are building. We value the chance to learn about you and your needs and to partner with you.


The Bay Area is home to hundreds of residential Homeowner Associations. Maintaining high property values is of paramount importance. Professionally designed, installed and maintained landscapes increase property values between 8 – 15%. Shared amenities such as, parks, pools and recreation facilities are important features that create a more desirable place to live. With our design & consulting services, not only do we create beautiful greenbelts and recreational amenities, but we also help our HOA clients realize huge savings on water use and utility costs.


Naturally beautiful surroundings coupled with a vibrant economy has brought many people to the Bay Area. Higher density housing communities and mixed use residential/retail developments are now a common scene in both cities and suburbs alike. No matter what type of housing choices people make, connecting with the natural environment has positive benefits on human health and well-being. Our designs create beautiful outdoor spaces that connect people to nature, creating a welcome retreat at the end of their day.


What a relief it is to find that perfect professional that can provide much needed expertise on a particular issue. Sometimes our clients just need simple guidance about a tricky outdoor space or need garden maintenance tips. Sometimes there’s a need to bounce ideas around or to help select outdoor furniture and pottery. At SFLA, our wealth of knowledge and experience can help with virtually any topic related to landscaping.

Houses of Worship

We believe in the importance of healthy mind, body, and spirit to provide ease and acceptance of self and others. Nature is often a source of spiritual connection and inspiration. Nearly every faith community or spiritual practice is embedded with references to the natural world. With our designs we connect people to their spiritual source as they find comfort through encounters with nature.

Kalich - Boulder fountain, Japanese maple tree, native planting, stamped concrete

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