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Are you curious about removing your water thirsty lawn but don’t know where to start? Are you located in the East Bay/Tri-Valley area? Then, Susan Friedman Landscape Architecture is here to help you! Follow these simple steps outlined below and we’ll do the rest:

Step One: email us – or call 925-806-0643 and Lorraine will happily guide you and get you scheduled for Step Two. (Be sure to mention this article)

Step Two: schedule a one hour on site consultation ($200) with one of our professional designers to discuss your project details and design solutions.

Step Three: after we measure and photograph your space, we’ll create a design sketch with a plant list and hydrozone map.

We have three easy packages for you to choose from below.

  • Seed; up to 25 hours of design time = $3500 This package covers smaller front or backyard areas, planting/hydrozone plan only
  • Sprout; up to 35 hours of design time = $4900 This package covers medium front or backyard areas, planting/hydrozone plan only
  • Flower; up to 45 hours of design = $6300 This package covers large front or backyard areas, planting/hydrozone plan only

Additional outdoor features such as hardscape, paving, patios, pools, lighting, walls, structures, and more are available for additional design fees.

Unsure which package is best for you? Not to worry – once we visit with you on site, our creative and professional designers will help you determine which package is best suited for your needs, your site, and your project area.

Contact us today to get your design ready in time for Fall/Winter plant installations – the best season for drought resilient plants to become established.

Call today as this offer has a limited number of spaces available!

Interesting Fact: the city of Santa Monica sponsored a nine-year study comparing adjacent lots, one with traditional lawn, thirsty plants, and sprinklers; the other with ground cover, California native plants, and drip irrigation. Over the nine years, the native garden saved 573,375 gallons of water. At the current average water rate in Contra Costa County, that’s over $75,000! Additionally, the native garden took 167 fewer hours to maintain.

Something else to consider, many water districts in the area offer a rebate for replacing your lawn with drought tolerant gardens.

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