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We at SFLA wish you all a Happy and Safe 4th of July!

Our celebrations and observances may look, feel and sound different this year. Just last year many of us joined large crowds to “ooh and aah” at city or town firework displays; watched neighborhood parades; held barbecues and picnics in the park with large groups of families and friends; or took the family on vacation to get away. This year, we find ourselves having to be more creative in finding ways to celebrate our nation’s independence while we shelter in place here in the Bay Area. 

To spark your creativity, here are some fun ideas to think about:

Tap into your inner patriot! Make sure you and your family members are registered to vote this November. Support a cause that is important to you. March in a peaceful protest. Support your favorite local business and Farmer’s market. Dive into a historical biography or documentary. Or listen to Hamilton or a new or favorite historical musical.

Connect with family and friends! Invite a few people over for a socially-distanced, masked barbecue in the backyard or front yard driveway or court – be sure to lay out safety cones if you are gathering in your court/street. Relax on your front porch and wave to and toast your neighbors who walk by. Have a video meeting with loved ones to catch up and celebrate July 4th 2020 style!

Spend time in nature! Plant some vegetables, a fruit tree, or a colorful pot (red, white & blue flowers?). Take a hike or walk while staying 6 ft apart. Put your mask on, especially when passing others along narrow pathways. Walk in the neighborhood or nature park while noticing the plants we see and the bird songs we hear. Have a cup of coffee or chilled beverage (depending on the time of day) and sit outside in our yard and watch, listen and relax.

Pets are family too! Be sure to give you family pets extra love and attention during the July 4th weekend. Firework sounds can stress your pets. Walk them during the day when it’s quiet. Make sure their indoor resting places are extra comfy for them when they want to get away from the noises. Pet them and talk to them more than usual in a warm comforting voice. And they wouldn’t “say no” to an extra treat or two to make them happy!

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