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“Timing is Everything.” Just like the saying, this rings true when it comes to pruning and trimming plants, woody shrubs and trees. Getting out the shears at the wrong time can leave your plants vulnerable to diseases, weather damage, or substantially lower the amount of flowers and fruit your plants produce.

Time your pruning according to your plant’s flowering schedule. Use clean, sharp tools like gardening shears or loppers, and take the time to plan  your cuts before getting “chop happy!”

Winter can be a busy pruning season – it’s an ideal time to cut back woody shrubs to prevent leggyness during the growing season. This is when you want to pay attention to shrubs that bloom in summer and fall, like Mugwort, California Fuschia, Butterfly Bush, and many other California natives. Check this extensive list from Las Pilitas Nursery with info about how and when to prune your landscape natives.

Late winter (February-April) is also a great time to prune dwarf citrus in your landscape, as they are usually long done fruiting and have gone into light dormancy before the next growing season. Wait until the coldest part of the season has passed to avoid freezing damage.

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