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Growing citrus in California is a must – Meyer Lemon, Clementine, Lime, Kumquat… all perform and produce spectacularly in our climate.  Luckily, citrus also require a lot less maintenance than deciduous fruit trees. While pruning your citrus won’t increase fruit production, there are a few reasons you may want to do some citrus trimming. 

Removing Suckers – A citrus tree may produce water sprouts, gourmands or suckers from its base or from below the graft. 

Maintaining Size – Keep your citrus trees at a size that makes harvesting and maintenance easy.  How tall are you or your favorite ladder? No need to get any taller! 

Interior Thinning – Light pruning of the interior branches can prevent branches from rubbing against each other, and increase airflow within the canopy to reduce the risk of tree injuries and improve air circulation to lower the risk of diseases related to fungal growth.

Removing Thorns – Many citrus produce long, sharp thorns that can cause serious injury to anyone not paying attention… remove these (carefully) at will with nice clean cuts.

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