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Have you been visited by flocks of our native wild turkeys? We see them often around the grounds of the SFLA office in San Ramon, and they are a welcome distraction with their amazing plumage and interesting habits.  

While they don’t like posing for pictures, we sure love to watch them gobble by! 

It’s very important to remember not to be tempted to feed our wild friends – as wandering visitors can soon become a flock of more permanent residents! 

Prevent problems by discouraging wild turkeys from becoming too comfortable on your property.

  • If turkeys begin feeding under hanging bird feeders, remove the feeders until the turkeys leave the area.
  • If turkeys are causing problems in your yard, install motion-detecting sprinklers.
  • Wild turkeys typically will not enter yards with dogs.
  • If confronted by a wild turkey that has lost its fear of humans, an open umbrella may help steer it out of your path.

Check out this guide from CA Fish and Wildlife on keeping wild turkeys WILD!

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