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Six Things to Do in Your Garden Now!

As the days grow shorter, and trees are starting to burst with beautiful leaf color, it’s time to think about fall gardening tasks.  Plants will soon take a big, long drink from winter rains, preparing them for new growth in the spring. This means that fall is the best time to plant since plants benefit from cooler temperatures and natural rainfall, so they acclimate to their new environment with less stress. 

Here are six easy things to do in your fall garden:

  1. Harvesting/cleaning: Harvest your last summer vegetables and pick up fallen fruits that can attract unwanted pests in your garden.  Clear out dead branches and leaves in planting beds and lawn areas.
  2. Planting: Decide which areas of your garden need new plants.  Make a list and take it to the garden center to get exactly what you want.  Be sure to plant right away, so plants can adjust more quickly to their new environment.
  3. Vegetable garden: Plant cool in-season seeds and starts, such as lettuce, radishes, spinach, carrots and peas to enjoy a winter harvest.
  4. Lawn: Topdress with soil and overseed bare lawn spots in early fall while the ground is still warm. Fertilize with an organic fertilizer that supports soil health.
  5. Irrigation: Start to turn down your irrigation times since plants don’t require as much water in the fall.  Remember to shut down your timer in the rainy season.
  6. Plan ahead: Think about how you want to use your yard next year.  Do you have any big events planned? Start your garden planning process at least six months before your event or longer if you have a large landscape project in mind.  Hire a professional now to help you create a vision, timeline, budget and design that will accomplish your landscape goals.

By taking the time in your garden this fall, you will be rewarded next season with healthier plant growth and a thriving garden.

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