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5 Things to Do in Your Garden

In the San Francisco Bay Area, rain showers are now off, and spring has shaken off its wet head to finally emerge in full glory. Current warm temperatures are hastening the growing season, which means beautiful blossoms, new leaves unfolding and weeds popping up. Here are five things to help spruce up your garden now.

  1. Weeding: Hand pull weeds now while the ground is still damp. This makes removal easier without the use of chemicals in the garden.
  2. Raking: Clean out your garden beds that are layered with leaves to allow the soil temperatures to warm and encourage new growth.
  3. Prune: Now that your plants have made it through the winter, time to prune off the dead and misshapen growth in shrubs and perennials.
  4. Lawn: Overseed bare lawn spots and fertilize with an organic fertilizer that supports soil health.
  5. Planting: Now for the fun part – add new trees, shrubs, and perennials to fill in bare garden spaces with beautiful color and texture.

After your garden is spruced up, enjoy spending some relaxing time outdoors, admiring your beautiful garden with a refreshment and a friend!

Kalich - Boulder fountain, Japanese maple tree, native planting, stamped concrete

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