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Today is California Arbor Day! It’s a great day to help the earth by planting a new tree. Trees offer beauty, shade, and homes to wildlife. Trees also produce oxygen through their leaves, thus literally providing a breath of fresh air. Be sure to carefully select the right tree for the right place. Trees that are small when planted can grow to huge heights and widths which can encroach upon power lines or structures. Check with your HOA or city to see if they have tree planting guidelines or restrictions. Select a tree that is best suited to your soil condition, sun/shade exposure, and water requirements. For example, if you have a sunny location in the east bay and are looking for a medium size tree, try a Madrone, Crape Myrtle, Fruitless Olive, or Western Redbud just to name a few. I would be happy to assist you with other tree selection ideas!

Kalich - Boulder fountain, Japanese maple tree, native planting, stamped concrete

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